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Growing up, I doodled on anything I could get my hands on–phonebooks, cereal boxes, you name it. Compulsive perhaps, and it drove my family nuts, but I found drawing to be liberating. Drawing is, sometimes, not an easy thing to do. It requires patience, practice, and focus. But sketching, is a fundamental step within the…

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In a Digital World, Analog Remains King.

  I have a plethora of digital tools, but I still use a notebook for my day to day work.This is surprising because on the nerd scale, I rank pretty high, I’ll admit it. I tried to tango with an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil for the day to day notebook, but constantly maintaining…

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The blessing and the curse of being a photographer on vacation.

There is an inherent challenge you face when you’re a photographer on vacation. You want (and everyone expects) Nat Geo worthy, perfect images that tell the story of your trip to far away lands. It sounds cheesy but there is an internal struggle to either get fantastically jaw-dropping images or enjoy your trip by only shooting what’s in…

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