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Falling in Love with Design

You know the stereotype in romantic movies when after dating all the wrong guys the girl falls in love with her best friend? That’s kind of like my relationship with design. While I had flings with math and science, design was always there, patiently waiting. I had always overlooked it. It was great, but I…

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Once Upon a Time

Great design, like all stories usually begin with a little hutzpah, a middle that requires a lot of creative heart and an ending that causes you to want to read the next in the series – here are three design stories worth telling and learning from. Rural Studio In 1993, the Auburn University program, co-founded…

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What inspires LLM to Design

Without narrowing the content this list could be volumes long and include the likes of; Martin Luther & MLKing, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, J.S. Bach, Henry David Thoreau, Jackie Robinson, Simon Sinek’s TED talks and Team Hoyt.  But I will slim this post to focus on Architecture and Interior Design… Being in a creative profession…

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For the Love of Academia and Practice

First in an occasional series of blog posts about design teaching with design practice.   It’s the middle of the night, in the middle of the week and I just spent three hours pouring over projects from a freshman Color and Composition class I’m teaching at Wentworth Institute of Technology. I am both practitioner and…

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The Building Block of a Great Design… Parti explained.

My family is from a long line of teachers, but I did not follow in their footsteps and chose an architectural profession instead (although I have taught at several Boston colleges) … however one subject I want to educate clients on and mentor young designers in alike is the need for a parti in design. Webster’s…

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Finding creativity outside of your craft

When I was first starting out in my design career, one of my mentors in San Francisco advised me to always have a creative outlet outside of your chosen craft that you’re not getting paid for. The reason for this is threefold: First, you can dump your unbridled creativity into a project that moves at…

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One Cabot Marketing Environment

Our biggest challenge in the One Cabot marketing center was to create a reusable vehicle to display the building amenity photos. We collaborated with @JaywalkStudio to create these 48×48, 36×36, and 24×24 plywood A frames that create much more of a gallery feeling in the space. Here is a sneak peek at the final result.

Chain Link Art Installation

This time around we wanted to use the bike cage as the canvas rather than a barrier. The bike cage at 75-101 Federal Street was in a slightly darker part of the loading dock, so our goal was to brighten up the space and make it more inviting. The front of the cage has the…

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