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Falling in Love with Design

You know the stereotype in romantic movies when after dating all the wrong guys the girl falls in love with her best friend? That’s kind of like my relationship with design. While I had flings with math and science, design was always there, patiently waiting. I had always overlooked it. It was great, but I…

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Finding creativity outside of your craft

When I was first starting out in my design career, one of my mentors in San Francisco advised me to always have a creative outlet outside of your chosen craft that you’re not getting paid for. The reason for this is threefold: First, you can dump your unbridled creativity into a project that moves at…

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Halloween Festivities

Happy Halloween all you ghouls!  How was your Halloweekend?! This was ours.   Who’s cuter, the dog or Mean Girls?      A little bit of nature is always good. Courtesy of Mother nature’s friend, Kimm.   F is for family who does stuff together.     Otto and Travis just horsing around.      Lastly, Dorran…

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Kimm’s Search for Cozy Vibes in Fall.

Also, where to find the best gifts, fancy groceries, and books in the city. I can unfortunately no longer deny that summer is over.  I always used to say that spring was my favorite season, mostly because it’s not too hot or too cold, but it also seems more hopeful than fall.  I always forget…

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Cory’s 10 Favorite Places to Eat in Boston

Now that fall has hit Boston, its officially the time of year to go out to eat. Normally that would be a bold claim, but fall is my favorite season and I don’t trust winter after the last two years, summertime is when I devote most of my free time to traveling, and spring’s temperature…

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5 Fall Must Do’s in Boston

Food Festivals: At this time of the year there are dozens of food festivals around the city.  Not sure if this is to help Bostonians bulk up for the winter or just because, but I’m all for it.  At the end of September was the Phantom Gourmet food festival where you could sample and resample…

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Get to know the LLM team

We thought it would be nice for you to finally get to know the team here at LLM Design. We asked each other a set of revealing questions in hopes to give you a better knowledge of who’s tackling projects up here.   Dorran My coworkers describe me as: Engaged Hard worker/whistler Absolutely miserable at…

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Smoke on the water

This winter has been BRUTAL in Massachusetts. We came in the office the other day to see that the harbor was creating “sea snow”. Where the moisture coming off the chop freezes in mid air.

The Lone Ranger

It’s a freezing cold Monday morning. I’m riding the commuter rail into the city from Westborough, drinking a coffee and feeling awesome. Why you ask? Well, yesterday afternoon, the Patriots steamrolled  Miami in a stunning 41-13 victory.  This win seals the division, and I can’t wait to get to the office to talk about it. But…

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