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Life Essentials: Leila

As a hard working Founder, Creative Director, Teacher and Mother, Leila has always had tips and tricks to get her through the day. We asked her share some of her very essential items with us this week to kick off our ‘Life Essentials’ series.     Green ID Card Wallet with ID’s & Business Cards; These are…

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In a Digital World, Analog Remains King.

  I have a plethora of digital tools, but I still use a notebook for my day to day work.This is surprising because on the nerd scale, I rank pretty high, I’ll admit it. I tried to tango with an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil for the day to day notebook, but constantly maintaining…

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Falling in Love with Design

You know the stereotype in romantic movies when after dating all the wrong guys the girl falls in love with her best friend? That’s kind of like my relationship with design. While I had flings with math and science, design was always there, patiently waiting. I had always overlooked it. It was great, but I…

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Once Upon a Time

Great design, like all stories usually begin with a little hutzpah, a middle that requires a lot of creative heart and an ending that causes you to want to read the next in the series – here are three design stories worth telling and learning from. Rural Studio In 1993, the Auburn University program, co-founded…

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Halloween Festivities

Happy Halloween all you ghouls!  How was your Halloweekend?! This was ours.   Who’s cuter, the dog or Mean Girls?      A little bit of nature is always good. Courtesy of Mother nature’s friend, Kimm.   F is for family who does stuff together.     Otto and Travis just horsing around.      Lastly, Dorran…

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Get to know the LLM team

We thought it would be nice for you to finally get to know the team here at LLM Design. We asked each other a set of revealing questions in hopes to give you a better knowledge of who’s tackling projects up here.   Dorran My coworkers describe me as: Engaged Hard worker/whistler Absolutely miserable at…

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