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Here at LLM we believe in the empowerment of creativity and providing a positive influence on the design world. One way we do that is by supporting internship programs that continue to develop students into better professionals. We really enjoy being a part of that growth and find that interns are valuable assets of our team.

These programs are fantastic in the way that they prepare incoming talent, and give students the ability to acquire a deepened appreciation and understanding of their desired craft. Students encounter numerous educational experiences in which they develop their skills as well as learn how to work as a professional and along the way discover their strengths and weaknesses. This experience can really show them what they need to improve, and the great thing is, they are able to go back to school and work on those aspects. Allowing them to work with us gives them the opportunity to understand that professional work ethic may be different than the work ethic they may use in the college setting. They then (hopefully) bring that back to school with them and implement that knowledge into their projects.

At this point in their careers, it is also extremely beneficial for students to continue to decide what they want to do with their skills after grabbing that diploma. Giving them a taste of what to expect in the professional world can be enlightening for them. Therefore, they are able to understand, before leaving academia, that this is or is not the career path they want to travel on. We love being able to equip the students with this fresh perspective which is immensely constructive for them but also helps to grow us as a firm.

Most of, if not all, of us, in the office have gone through a co-op program, so we can fully appreciate how this affects the students.  In our office, they add another mind to collaborate with, provide valuable ideas, and we are open to the unique capabilities and knowledge that they can bring to the table. Having interns in the office also allows us to be even more efficient. Additionally, we recognize that supporting these internships creates a better professional world. These programs further elevate the caliber of graduates that make up the new crop of individuals coming into the professional environment, and we take pride in knowing we are a part of making this a more proficient world.

Overall, Wentworth is a very popular name at the office and many people here have positively benefitted from a co-op experience of their own.  Leila continues to teach at WIT and Dorran has taught there in the past.  We can be found at portfolio reviews, hosting critiques, or giving advice to emerging professionals.  We value what Wentworth provides for us as much as what we provide for them. 

Posted on December 22, 2016 in Culture, Education

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