Cory’s 10 Favorite Places to Eat in Boston

Now that fall has hit Boston, its officially the time of year to go out to eat. Normally that would be a bold claim, but fall is my favorite season and I don’t trust winter after the last two years, summertime is when I devote most of my free time to traveling, and spring’s temperature is so inconsistent I can’t appropriately dress myself. Now that the weather is just that little bit colder, it makes those great little spots you know so much better to duck into when it’s chilly at night. I’ve lived or worked in Boston for the last 7 years, and I’ve had the opportunity to try my fair share of restaurants in the city. Everybody has their own little favorite spot in town, but here’s my top ten.

In no particular order:

1. The Nice Spot
Gaslight – 560 Harrison Ave
Standout atmosphere, amazing food at night and you can’t pick anything bad on the menu. Brunch is also out of this world.
2. King of the Bars
The Squealing Pig – 134 Smith St.
My all time favorite bar. The pig’s got a beer list a mile long and the bar food still hasn’t gotten old since my freshman year of college.
3.The Pizza Joint
Il Mundo – 682 Huntington Ave.
Buff chick. That is all.
4.Say it Ain’t a Chain
Maggiano’s – 4 Columbus Ave
I will continuously go back to this place for the fired zucchini. I don’t know what they put in it, but holy hell is it good. I always over eat when I hit this place up, but I also never have a bad meal here.
5. Quick Breakfast & Coffee
Pavement – 286 Newbury, 44 Gainsborough & 1096 Boylston
If you can shake off the hipster vibes, you’ll get probably one of the fastest breakfasts and best coffee outside of dunks. You can’t go wrong with the sunrise or a bagel, (and if you like your coffee on the lighter side) the death cream is a seriously great iced coffee.
6. Modern Italian
Nebo – 520 Atlantic Ave.
Has an amazing menu, but equally good service. Any dish followed by strong coffee and a vanilla pan cotta with toasted coconut is a serious win.
7. The Guilty Pleasure
Wheelhouse – 63 Broad St.
There is absolutely no way this place is good for you, but if things aren’t going your way Wheelhouse can make it better. The LLM team knows this as true as it’s in our ‘hood.
8. One Soup to Rule Them All
Sportello – 348 Congress St.
All hail the spicy tomato soup. I mean the rest of the food is good, and if you can get in the door it’s always an impressive meal. But the soup. Just get the soup.
9.Celeb Asian Tappas
Blue Dragon – 324 A Street
Ming Tsai is a really great guy, and I feel like this restaurant really embodies him as a person (I met him once, and I can assure you has has no idea who I am). Equal parts fancy bar and restaurant, the food is hard to put a description on because it’s so so complex. Asian pub food has been defined by this place.
10. North of The North End
Massaminos – 207 Endicott
If you grew up in a big Italian family like me and you can drown out the “enthusiastic talking” in the kitchen, then please try this place out. One of my favorites, and a great little place to enjoy with some friends in the wine cellar.

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