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In a day and age where our phones are attached to our hands at all times and if you are not on the latest social media platform, you’re way behind on the times, social media marketing has become a necessity to businesses. And as a business that does marketing and branding we understand the importance of being present and true to our brand story while still expanding our audience. So how do you do that on social media? We’ll let you in on some tips and tricks


  1. Consistency

Always, always, ALWAYS make sure you’re colors, logos and messaging are the same across everything, whether this is print or web or instagram. This may seem like an easy thing to grasp but sometimes it’s harder then it looks. Making sure your messaging and voice are the same through everything really does add a professional touch.

  1. Pick Content Wisely

This also might seem apparent but it also can be over looked. Yes, it is good to post frequently but don’t let the need for posting ‘something’ take over the quality factor. Make a schedule (personally we use excel, fast and easy). Instagram and twitter are far easier to post more often then facebook and linkedin but that doesn’t always mean you should. Also, try and tune down self promotion, some people say that it should be 80-20, the lesser being self promo, but it depends on the situation.

  1. Tag & Sharing Things

Not like vandalization or anything, but DEFINITELY use hash tags, this way you show up more during searches and explore pages. Also if you are posting about products or companies or at locations, tag them! There is always a chance that they will repost, a little free advertising for you. And share things, retweet things that go along with you’re brand, it usually is better if you quote the tweet, that way you can comment on it too. Share posts on facebook and linkedin, and even “regram” on instagram.

  1. Office Culture

One thing people defiantly are is curious, they want to know things. Followers love fun office culture posts, like a little peak into our office lives. So share team meetings, share cool vacations or office outings, share the office’s favorite snack of the week, the list is endless.

  1. Cleanliness

As silly as this seems, bright and well-organized photos get the most attention. This also can apply to how you post things. For example, on instagram you can see a grid of photos and you want those photos to feel like they go together, clean and organized. So take the time to get a clean background or shot, follow the rule of thirds (this is the grid you see on cameras), and think about posting order, you can always save content for another day if it doesn’t work today.


Social Media Marketing can be over looked sometimes and come across as something that is easy. But gathering a fallowing and keeping on top of it can be a lot. But in the end, using as many platforms as you can, will only help you as long as you do it right.





Posted on April 19, 2017 in Culture, Design, Education, Entertainement, Fun, Marketing, Social Media

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