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As we transition into fall and people head back to school, we asked our newest graduate, Que, what helped him in school. Having been a design student, sketching may be A-typical to say as something important, but he feels that everyone can benefit from it.

The first thing my professors told me to do in art school was to get a sketch book and take it everywhere I go. I was not sure why I had to do this and only sketch when I was asked to. However, sketching quickly become a habit; something that I love to do on my commute home from school or work. It kills times, improves my illustration skills, and quickly captures any visual ideas or concepts.

I sometimes sketch for the fun of it, to stimulate my mind and as a way to express or capture my surroundings. It can be fascinating being that guy who keeps staring at things or people while drawing. People can either be intrigued and curious about what you are doing, or become very uncomfortable thinking that you are drawing them. Every now and then, someone will compliment on the sketch you are doing or extremely offended that you draw someone without asking.

Sketching helps to calm my mind and to listen or understand better. I find that sketching can help me to block other thoughts and just focus on the subject. A little doodling while listening to lecture always help me to listen better and not become distracted. I also sketch to process my thoughts. The sketch doesn’t have to related to what I am working on. It just helps to focus my mind so ideas can be sparked and lead to greater creative work.

You don’t have to be an artist to start sketching. Just sketch, doodle, or draw something whenever you can. It can be beneficial, fun and highly addicted. Try it!



Posted on August 30, 2017 in Culture, Design, Education, Entertainement, Fun, Journal, Team

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