Life Essentials: Dorran

Dorran thinks that ‘life essential’ tools are so similar for all of us, he thought he would go way back in the files and get old school with a little history.

  1. Phone: Sure I carry a cellphone but will always fondly remember the old rotary phone from my childhood home in Amherst.
  2. Pen and Pencils: The original computer and plotter, I still prefer and think they are – still – mightier than the sword.
  3. Doughnuts: This represents almost any and all foods but a good Boston Cream is hard to top in the culinary world.
  4. Stan Smiths: My favorite … technically a tennis sneaker it was my cross trainer before those two words were ever paired.
  5. Architectural scale: I still use my father’s 1950’s drafting wooden tri-face scale, it serves as my baton connection to the past.
  6. Golf clubs: It was my passion growing up, playing daily and working at my home course Hickory Ridge: now I am the handicap for any foursome.
  7. Walkman: This represents music in general, whether listening to vinyl, cassettes or playing the saxophone.
  8. Sketchbook: I love to carry the original hard drive to record inspirational moments or jot notes and details that may otherwise be lost in the ether.
  9. Books: Wish I had more time to read (mostly history or biographies) but they have been the fuel for my curious mind fire my entire life.
  10. Catcher’s mitt: I use to love to play the position but now love to watch the game that many people are actively trying to speed up… truth is nothing reminds me that one of life’s ‘primary’ essential lessons is learning how to; slow down to feel the warmth of summer, spending time with good friends & family, smelling hot dogs, beer and fresh cut grass.

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