Life Essentials: Abby

One of our Experience Designers, Abby, not only knows branding but is also the firm’s pop-culture encyclopedia. This week it was her turn to share with us what her ‘Life Essentials’ are.



Sushi. Because I don’t know what I would do with out it. It doesn’t hurt that the sushi lunch deals around the office are fab. If anyone needs a good lunch spot in the downtown area, whether it’s sushi, Mediterranean, or Thai, I’m your girl.


Chapstick. I also don’t know what I would do without it. Between the office, my multiple purses, and my apartment, I easily have close to 50.


Sticky Notes. For when the to-do list in my notebook starts spilling out of my notebook onto my laptop and desk.


Gum. To fuel the gum addiction. I can go through a Costco sized box quicker than you think.


Notebook and pen. Dot grid all the way. And for pens, anything that writes like butter.


Polar seltzer. Not just any seltzer. It has to be Polar. They have dozens of great seasonal and limited time flavors, but the go-to in the office is cranberry lime.


Headphones. Sometimes you just need to zone everything else out and get down to business while listening to some jams.


Iphone. Instagram, the news, email on the go, you name it. This is where I get all the information I need while I’m on the T, on job sites, or at lunch when we need answers to a debate.


Sneakers. Having a mini gym in the office, I try to take advantage of it a few times a week either before or after work.


Pantone book. I need this for almost every project I’ve ever worked on. Whether it’s branding, environmental graphics, color matching, the Pantone book is an essential tool for me everyday.


Laptop. As much as I like to think that sushi is the most important thing in my life, my laptop takes the cake and illustrator is the most useful thing on it.

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