Life Essentials: Cory

As the Project Manager and all around IT guy, it is no surprise that technology is one of the main things that keeps Cory going. We asked him share his essential items with us this week in our ‘Life Essentials’ series.

    1. 01. Carbon Fiber Bern Helmet

      • This was given to me from a friend back in college (Thanks Emily!), and has served me very, very well. I’m a bit addicted to mountain biking, and it’s an abusive relationship. Also addicted to carbon fiber, so I’m very attached to this lid.


    1. 02. Boxing Gloves

      • Recently picked up boxing classes. Can’t put a price on health and its good for my joints that have been a bit beat on… (see #1).


    1. 03. Really Expensive Wallet

      • After tragically losing my leather wallet, I decided to bite the bullet and really go all out on a wallet. Just kidding, the rubber band seems to work and it actually keeps my wallet to a maintainable thickness.


    1. 04. Apple Watch

      • The modern man’s calculator watch. I track my runs and bike rides with this, I can play music off it to my headphones. Also, pretty helpful to see when emails and calendar events fly around at work if I’m on the run.


    1. 05. Car Keys (’03 Subaru Forester / ’16 Mazda CX3)

      • Need these right? I’m a bit of a car nerd and both of these cars hold places in my heart for being off-the-beaten-path cars that are fun to drive. The Mazda has the added bonus of looking fantastic, the Forester has been with me and my fiancé since college. The little Subaru moved us in and out of apartments, into our house and can fit 8′ long boards. It’s basically my first born child and has a few tasteful modifications to make it more fun to drive.


    1. 06. Xbox One Controller

      • I am always up for hot lap sessions on Forza 6, and love me some FPS. If you don’t know what either of those are: driving and shooters.


    1. 07. Gerber Diesel Multitool

      • Long live your inner Macguyver. (Richard Dean Anderson with his mullet and all, not this reboot crap.)


    1. 08. 128 gb iPhone 7

      • Does the job and then some. Good phone, better camera.


    1. 09. iPad Pro & Pencil

      • A seriously impressive tablet/stylus combo, the iPad is pistol to my MacBook shotgun. It can be used as a second monitor if i’m mobile, or even a pressure sensitive tablet for photoshop and illustrator. Love it.


    1. 10. 256gb SSD

      • You never know when you’ll need to move some big files around, or when you’ll need that obscure file from a few years ago.


    1. 11. Dot Grid Notebook

      • Dot grid for the win, always.


    1. 12. Bose Soundlink Wireless Headphones

      • The Bose are the most recent additions, but one of the best. Great quality for phone calls and seriously awesome to be untethered. Pairs with my computer and my iPhone and switches seamlessly.


    1. 13. Logitech MX Master

      • Best. Mouse. Ever. 14 programmable buttons that can be app specific? Yes, please.


    1. 14. 13″ Macbook Pro

      • The big gun. i7, 16gb ram & 512ssd. This computer is a durable, all rounder that has never let me down.


    BONUS: Topo Designs 22L Klettersack- not pictured.

    • All of the above (for the most part) fits in and is carried around in this bag. I love high quality things that you know will be around for years, and this water-resistant pack is just that. It’s also the perfect size for daily use and expands for weekend trips, hikes, etc.



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