Life Essentials: Jocelyn

The Production Assistant, Jocelyn, is a social media connoisseur both in her work life and personal life. Take a peek at what her ‘Life Essentials’ are.

Black Leather Jacket: This is my go-to accessory. Rain, shine, heat, cold. I need a leather jacket.

Macbook Pro: I use this both for work and personal use. It has seen a lot of projects and late nights from college up until now.

iphone & Charger: I run all the social media accounts from here. I’m always taking pictures to build content.

Cashews: I would rather eat a snack before eating a meal. There is pretty much always some kind of snack in my bag.

Running Shoes: There are always running shoes in my car. The goal is to get to the gym after work. It works out that way…most of the time.

Headphones: These are some of the best headphones I have ever owned, Bluetooth with added bass. They help me drown out distractions when I need to.

Notebook & Pens: I write everything down. A notebook helps me keep track of dates and things as time progresses, otherwise there would be sticky notes everywhere.

Coffee: I am a full blown addict. I need coffee to live.

Makeup: Doing makeup is something I take pride in. Flawless brows and a killer cat eye can make anyone feel amazing.

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