Life Essentials: Kimm

This week on the ‘Life Essentials’ series, Kimm shares what she needs to get through the day. She is definitely always ready for anything.

1. Canvas bag:

Bags are very important to an over packer like me. I try not to go too overboard, but I like to be prepared. How else am I supposed to carry all my snacks?


2. Phone and Headphones:

I’ve been known to be a bit anti-tech, but I have come around to the smartphone. I love listening to podcasts on the bus ride home and checking Instagram for design inspiration.


3. Sweater:

I get cold sometimes. When the cold sets in it’s difficult to focus on anything else.


4. Notebooks:

One is my practical notebook for to-do lists and jotting down any tidbits I find that I want to remember later. The other is my aspirational notebook with goals for the future.


5. Pilot V Razor Point Extra Fine:

It took me a while to find my pen, but I finally did and this is it! The ink flows well and it’s thin, but not too thin. Highlighters are good too. I like to use them to check off things I’ve completed.


6. Sketchbook:

Unlined. I don’t like to restrict my sketches, doodles and notes.


7. Inspiration/Motivation:

I’m such a sucker for awesome quotes and inspirational sayings. None of the “Live, laugh, love” embroidered pillow, Christmas tree shop stuff. I like things that stimulate some introspection.



Always. Carry. Snacks. Nothing is worse than being busy and becoming so hungry that you actually lose your appetite. Having snacks on hand at all times solves that. I like all the starchy, carb-y, munchy things but I try to have some fruit too.


9. Water bottle:

Same as number 8. Nobody likes hanging with the girl who passes out from dehydration. Plus, buying water makes me cringe.


10. Reading material:

Lately I’ve been rotating between fiction and nonfiction. I avoid the horror genre at all costs, but Gillian Flynn’s books are amazing. They’re a bit more “thriller” than “horror” so they’re creepy and twisted but I can still sleep at night. My nonfiction selections follow whatever I’m interested in at the moment (usually food or psychology) I’ve read parts of a few of Michael Pollan’s books. He has some thought-provoking things to say about the food industry and the Western diet.


11. Laptop:

Illustrator and Indesign are my most frequented programs. But I’ll be honest; Pinterest is pretty high on the list too.

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