Life Essentials: Leila

As a hard working Founder, Creative Director, Teacher and Mother, Leila has always had tips and tricks to get her through the day. We asked her share some of her very essential items with us this week to kick off our ‘Life Essentials’ series.



Green ID Card Wallet with ID’s & Business Cards;

These are the cards that get me where I need to go everyday.


Small Moleskin Notebook;

I never know when I will run into something inspiring. Whether it is an idea for a project, a reference for a lecture, or a quote, this notebook is the perfect size to carry around.


iPhone with Headphones & Macbook Pro;

Not much I can say about these other than, what would I do without them?


Multiple Pens and Pencils;

Red Sharpie for grading, Gelly Roll for editing written documents and writing small, a sharp HB pencil for sketching, and black felt-tips that won’t bleed for my Miquelrius notebook. Just no ball point pens please.


Lunchbox Notes;

Every morning I pack lunches for my three children. I put in a personalized note for each one. I usually do a Post-it note with hand-drawn flowers and a message, but when time is short (which it seems is every morning) these pre-made notes help. The kids look forward to opening their lunchbox everyday and finding something special and it makes me happy that there is a little piece of me with them during their day.


L’Occitane Hand Crème;

The delicate fragrance and non-oily finish makes this hand cream one of my favorites. Not to mention I love the packaging, reminiscent of a paint tube.



Clean, simple, and fresh.


Ray-Ban Foldable Sunglasses;

Like most mom’s my purse is filled with everything from tissues to crayons. The more compact the items the better. My Foldable Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have five discretely hidden hinges that transform the glasses into an amazing 3 X 1 X 3. Stylish and compact.


Plantain Chips, Guacamole Pack & Almond Butter Pack;

Having the “right” snacks helps me to not eat the “wrong” snacks. My favorites are crunchy plantain chips dipped in guacamole. For the afternoon craving of something sweet, almond butter smeared on fruit helps to calm the cookie monster beast.


Coconut Milk;

Coconut milk is my new dairy. After all these years of not really liking milk, I’ve fallen in love with coconut milk. Especially this culinary version in my morning coffee.



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