Nuance Communications

Nuance Communications, a global leader in speech recognition technology, moved into a newly renovated four-story office building north of Boston. LLM Design was asked to develop a branded experience that would translate not only at the headquarters, but across over 150 global offices. During strategy sessions, we understood the departmental differences, as well as the need to build a common corporate culture. Logistically, moving from space to space was also confusing due to the challenging floorplate layout. Drawing from the initial architectural material and paint palette, LLM built a matrix of graphic patterns, information graphics, and brand text phrases and overlaid these onto a wayfinding system. This became a toolkit for a branded environmental design that is currently being implemented throughout thier global office portfolio. The inspired change of habits and culture is apparent across all divisions as teams pour into the breakout spaces and easily locate conference rooms.

Tags: Design, Environmental Design

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