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Life Essentials: Dorran

Dorran thinks that ‘life essential’ tools are so similar for all of us, he thought he would go way back in the files and get old school with a little history. Phone: Sure I carry a cellphone but will always fondly remember the old rotary phone from my childhood home in Amherst. Pen and Pencils: The…

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What inspires LLM to Design

Without narrowing the content this list could be volumes long and include the likes of; Martin Luther & MLKing, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, J.S. Bach, Henry David Thoreau, Jackie Robinson, Simon Sinek’s TED talks and Team Hoyt.  But I will slim this post to focus on Architecture and Interior Design… Being in a creative profession…

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The Building Block of a Great Design… Parti explained.

My family is from a long line of teachers, but I did not follow in their footsteps and chose an architectural profession instead (although I have taught at several Boston colleges) … however one subject I want to educate clients on and mentor young designers in alike is the need for a parti in design. Webster’s…

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